ARVs (Antiretrovirals) help you stay healthy and undetectable, protecting the people you care about the most.

Prevention & Awareness:
Testing for HIV

Knowledge is power. If your test comes back HIV-positive, you can get antiretroviral treatment to stay strong and healthy, and if you’re HIV-negative, you can protect yourself from getting HIV.

Knowing that you are HIV-negative empowers you to protect yourself. If you know your HIV status, you can find out how to protect yourself, your partner as well as your family and remain HIV-negative.

Why should I test for HIV?

Testing enables you to plan for your future. Knowing your HIV status helps you to prepare for a healthy future by getting the treatment you need to control the virus. The sooner you get on treatment after getting HIV, the better you can manage it and stay well.

Antiretroviral treatment keeps you healthy. If you are living with HIV and are not on treatment, you can get sick more easily because your immune system is weak, and it is easier to get TB and other illnesses and infections.

Make ARVs an essential part of your daily routine and experience the freedom of a healthy future.

For more information about HIV testing, ask your nurse or Doctor.

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