ARVs (Antiretrovirals) help you stay healthy and undetectable, protecting the people you care about the most.

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The Significance of Consistent HIV Treatment

HIV multiplies continuously and destroys specific type of immune cells called the CD4 helper cells.  This weakened immune response puts those living with HIV at risk of various health issues. This is why starting HIV treatment quickly after diagnosis is important even if you feel healthy.

How Does HIV Treatment Work?

HIV treatment stops the virus from multiplying. When the virus drops below the level that is detectable, we say this is an “undetectable viral load”. This allows the immune system to recover. This reduces the risk of severe health complications in the future. When the viral load is undetectable, you cannot transmit the virus partners.

What happens if you don’t take treatment?

If you do not take your HIV treatment properly, the virus will have the opportunity to multiply again, leading to an increase in the number of viruses in your blood also called viral load. Your viral load may increase to a level where you can transmit the virus to a sexual partner. Consistent treatment is important not only to protect your own health but also to prevent the spread of HIV.

In addition, your CD4 cell count, which is a crucial indicator of your immune system's health, will go down. This raises your risk of becoming ill due to HIV-related complications. It is crucial to take your medication as prescribed for HIV treatment to be effective.

By taking your treatment as prescribed, you maximize the chances of being healthy and protecting those around you.

Make ARVs an essential part of your daily routine and experience the freedom of a healthy future.

For more information about HIV treatment, ask your nurse or Doctor.

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